For several years, many of the United States military bases have been using Check In Systems software to help organize clinics, id offices and other walk-in facilities. These offices provide customer service to military personnel on a daily basis. Check In Systems recently developed a dedicated software called Base Check In that is specially suited for their needs.

Having an electronic sign in sheet improves the way they handle personnel as they arrive. They collect basic information such as rank, branch, unit and reasons for visit at the touch screen kiosk. The list is then passed to the staff computers, sorted by time, reason and priority. The list is used as a check list and serves to track who has been helped as well as how long they waited. Reports and statistics give more information that can help management schedule staff more efficiently.

Check In Systems also provides software based queuing systems for other government sectors. DSS Check In serves the social services industry in state, county and city level offices. Probation Check In serves the community corrections offices at both state and county level. Both of these systems use similar technology to improve efficiency and reduce the overhead of the office staff.