Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our system is designed to be low-cost. We have two plans to choose from.

  • $50 per month or $399 per year

That includes unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited support and 24x7 hosting.

You will also need either an Apple iPad or a PC touch Screen for the kiosk.

Does the system integrate with my EMR?

Check In Systems software does not integrate with other software. It is as a simple queuing system designed to run side-by-side with EMR and other software. Our intent is to get the patients in the office and let the staff know the reason for the visit.

Integration would mean that the system was designed to take demographics or additional information. We prefer to separate the check in process from the data acquisition which takes time and slows the sign in process significantly. This means you will need multiple kiosks to accommodate the longer sign in time and a larger lobby to accommodate the additional hardware. The only kiosk that would integrate would be a system written by the EMR company themselves due to cost.

We have designed a special 'sidebar' display to run alongside of EMR software, so you can have both on screen at the same time. If you absolutely need integration, you will need to contact your EMR software or consider using the patient portal in your lobby.

Can we use our own hardware?

Yes. Check In Systems offers hardware kits as a convenience but you are welcome to purchase your hardware anywhere you like.

Is Medical Check In HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Here is a link to our published policies and procedures. HIPAA Policies & Procedures

Will you sign a BAA for HIPAA Compliance?

Yes. In order to keep the price down, we have a template system with a template business model and as well we provide a template Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

If it is acceptable, we would love to provide our services.

Can we connect a TV display in the lobby?

Yes. We suggest the LG Smart Series TV as it has wifi and a browser that can make the install very simple.  Using a simple link, your lobby can display who is waiting and in what order.

Can we scan ID cards, Drivers License or RFID cards?

Since people don't always remember their card or RFID tag, we must still have to have a method for people to check in without. Check In Systems has found that maintaining cards, RFID chips and other devices costs you too much to maintain. The cost of having an employee maintain the database and the cost of the cards defeats the purpose of a low-cost system. Since you have to have the type in method as a backup, why not just use it all the time and drop the cost of cards, barcodes and RFID chips?

Can we use an Android tablet for the touch screen kiosk?

Yes. The physical sizes of the tablets and the buttons on the devices are all very different. For quality control, our Android app works on the POS-X T2 and T2 Lite Android all-in-one units.