There was a time when a patient sign in sheet was enough to let medical offices keep track of who was coming in for an appointment or walk-ins arrived at a clinic. A simple sheet of paper was kept by the receptionist's desk, and as patients came in, they would sign their names (hopefully legibly) and scribble down the time that they showed up. There were problems, however, with using a patient sign in sheet to keep track of whom was coming into the office:

When HIPAA was put into place, many physicians did away with patient sign in sheets altogether, however this created an additional burden on the desk staff. If a call came in, and three patients showed up around the same time, there would suddenly be a backup at the desk.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

With a Medical Check In kiosk, patients sign themselves in for their appointments using a simple touchscreen. The patient's information is presented the receptionist computer using the web browser . An organized list shows a type name making it easier than the scratch of a paper sheet. When patients check in this way, they will also be able to indicate which physician in the practice they are there to see and identify the nature of their appointment.  The entire office will now have access to patient flow at their computer.  Each department can respond accordingly and reduce the receptionist duties to call staff. As a result, you are able to run your practice more effectively.