The world of technology increases at an exponential rate. According to Moore’s Law, computer processing power doubles every 18 months. Today, we also use more efficient energy sources such as solar power and batteries that last much longer. Computer technology has made it easier for companies to evaluate efficiency and to organize their workforce. Patient Queuing systems are one of the cheapest and easiest ways for the medical industry to reap some of the benefits of the technology boom. Let me explain.

There are two types of business owners. Those who have experienced some success and thus, keep doing what has worked in the past, and those who are often trying to find a new way, a better way, to get things done. Both have their merits, but the shelf life of the former is much shorter. Due to technology, eventually, the old ways become obsolete. The latter usually brand themselves as ‘cutting-edge’ and benefit from the perception they generate. Douglas Van Praet, writing for Psychology Today notes, “recent research reveals, we make brand purchase decisions based on the associations and feelings as opposed to the facts and stats (Praet, 2015).”  This means, if your business is viewed as being current or up-to-date, customers and clients will most likely view your company in a more favorable light. This also means more business.

Technology of a Patient Queuing System

A patient queuing system is a cost-effective way to incorporate technology into your business and brand yourself ‘up-to-date.’ Let’s face it, what looks better?  A clipboard with 10 pages to be filled out, or a touch-screen kiosk that can gather information without the hassle of bad handwriting or having to fill out the same information over and over again? The answer should be obvious. But for those who aren’t sure if it really makes a difference let me remind you, “if you want to be successful, do what successful people do.”

Today we see an increase in the use of touch screen kiosks from many businesses, for example, McDonald’s ordering screens or a retail store’s self-checkout lines. These large companies have spent a lot of money on the research. You can take their efforts and leverage them to help your business grow. Many large organizations from universities and hospitals have begun to use queuing systems for their many benefits. When I walk into a business or doctor’s office that is using a queuing system, I get the sense that they are keeping up with the evolving world of tech and I know I have to worry less about human error (especially with important information – like at a doctor’s office).

Of course, there are many other advantages to using patient queuing systems but for the sake of this short article I just wanted to talk about customer perception. It’s a matter of basic psychology. When you are viewed favorably, business will grow.


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