For generations businesses have used a paper sign in sheet to log incoming customers, patients and visitors. Some use it for a log and others use it to keep people sorted by the order the arrived. Well now, there's an app for that.  Today, technology has proven there is a better solution for the same business process. Electronic sign in sheets can improve the process with clear, typed names, accurate time stamps, long term data storage and the ability to share the sign in information across the office. Electronic sign in sheets take it to another level allowing for live reporting and long term data analysis.

Clarity improves efficiency

Paper sign in sheets are often hard to read. Time of arrival is estimated. Handwriting and signatures are being replaced with typed names. The clarity alone is improving the efficiency of customer intake. Combine readable names with the exact time stamps and the check in system becomes a source of documentation and reporting for management to analyze customer flow.

Get more Information from the Customer

Traditional sign in sheets are limited in the ability to gather information about the visitor. With electronic sign in sheets, questions can be asked about the visitor to positively identify the person and to clarify the reason for their visit.  Having the information allows the system to become a queuing system to sort and serve customers faster. It also gives long term data to report trends of volume and staffing needs.

Share the Sign In Sheet

With a Customer Check In system, a kiosk is placed near the front door. Customers can sign in and give more information such as the reason for their visit. Now the simple sign in sheet is converted to a queuing system. The information is broadcast to the computers of the office allowing the sign in sheet to be shared among multiple employees and departments. The reason for visit is a sorting mechanism that allows departments to respond directly. This easily reduces the receptionists workload and gets the customer to the right person quicker.


Affordable electronic sign sheets are prevalent across the internet. The choices are price, speed, integration and ease of implementation. When choosing a sign in sheet app be sure to try it our before making the investment.