Return on Investment

Every office can improve efficiency starting with the minute the patient walks in. The first thing a patient will do is walk to the reception counter and start a conversation about today's gossip while they reach for a clipboard. Depending on the news of the day that conversation can interrupt your staff for three or more minutes every time a patient comes in. We are not trying to reduce your personal touch with the patient but rather push the small talk out to a time when your staff is ready for it. With our system your patient can sign in at the door. Then, when you call the patient to the counter, those conversations can be mixed with relevant information about their visit.

Through the reduction in interruptions and the clear communications of patient information, Medical Check In will reduce the patient sign in process by 2 minutes or better. That adds up when you have 60 people per day pass through the door. Saving 2 minutes on 60 patients per day is 2 hours labor saved. The average sign in for the Medical Check In touch screen is only 10 seconds!

The ROI of our patient kiosk check in system isn't just measured in hours saved or staff productivity, it's also reflected in enhanced patient experiences and improved practice outcomes. With shorter wait times, reduced paperwork, and more personalized interactions, patients feel valued and cared for from the moment they arrive. This positive experience translates into increased patient loyalty, higher retention rates, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line for your practice. Join the countless healthcare providers who have already experienced the power of our patient check in system and unlock the full potential of your practice today.