Mobile Check In

Let mobile check in improve your lobby efficiency with an electronic sign in system.

A new technology to improve Customer Service!

Replace the traditional paper sign in sheet with an integrated queuing application. Customers use a mobile app to quickly and safely check in.

Organize your customers with a visitor management system


Check In Systems automatically sort and organize customers into a checklist style displays on office computers. Organize customers with up to 16 departments and 16 reasons per dept. The customer list becomes a checklist for staff.

Queuing systems give faster service

Faster Service

Efficiency and Organization make for faster service which leads to more satisfied customers and higher profit. Saving 2 minutes per customer may not seem like much of a difference, but after 60 customers, that's 2 hours of saved time and labor

Queuing system reports give valuable stats about business efficiency


The information and timestamps collected by Check In Systems provide valuable documentation and reports. These reports are used to evaluate performance of departments, staff and the entire office down to the hourly increment

Using a QR Code makes it easy for customers to sign in from anywhere.
Mobile Check In

Customers use our Mobile App to Check In

People love to use their devices and Mobile Check In gives them a perfect app to safely expedite the check in process at any business. It stores their information on their device as a profile. Once the app is opened, a list of locations closest to them will appear. From there, the customer can simply click a button, chose a profile and sign in.

Mobile Check In App is built for Apple iPhones to help customers get checked in to any Check In Sysytem

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Mobile check In App is built for Android Phones to help customers get checked in to any Check In Systme

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