Hospital facilities around the world are using technology to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency. The latest improvement is the patient check in process where the sign in sheet has moved to an Apple iPad based kiosk. Patients now sign in using a touch screen kiosk which has proven faster, provides better clarity of names and automatically time stamps the entries.

Medical Check In is a product from Check In Systems Inc based in St Petersburg Florida. In 2005, the original patient check in system was developed for an allergist facing the challenge of 250 patients and 4-5 paper sign in sheets per day. Today, Allergy Associates uses an Apple iPad connected to Medical Check In to organize the arriving patients.


“Right away we noticed a reduction in small talk at the reception desk which saved us hours of non-productivity every day. The staff is more personal with patients now that we can have private conversations instead of being interrupted when someone walks in.” - Susan, Allergy Associates


Allergy Associates is just one example of how patient kiosks have moved from large hospitals to local physicians. The same need for efficiency applies to all medical facilities. Medical Check In happens to be the least expensive and therefore more feasible solution for small business as well as departmental level applications at hospitals.

Today, there are more than 10,000 users of the Check In Systems products. Hospitals like Kings County Hospitals of New York, Memorial Hospitals of Illinois, Jefferson Hospitals of Philadelphia and more than 100 other hospital facilities across the United States incorporate Medical Check In into the patient check in process.