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Customer Queuing made easy!

Customer Queuing made easy!

Today's tablets can replace the old paper sign in sheet with a complete customer queuing system. Queuing systems automatically sort customers and notify employees about customer needs before they greet them. Staff is more efficient having the right person respond directly.

This is the fastest and lowest cost customer queuing system on the market! There is nothing to install to computers and setup takes just minutes. The touch screen kiosk uses the readily available Apple iPad or any PC touch screen for a low cost check in system.

Organize customers with a check in system


Check In Systems automatically sort and organize customers into a check list style display on office computers. Organize customers with up to 12 departments and 12 reasons per department. The customer list becomes a checklist for staff.

Faster customer service using a kiosk check in

Faster Service

Efficiency and Organization add up to faster service. Faster Customer Service leads to more profit. Saving 2 minutes per patient may not sound big but after 60 patients, that's two hours labor per day.

Valuable reports about customer service performance


The information and timestamps collected by Check In Systems provide valuable documentation and reports. These reports are used to evaluate performance of departments, staff and the entire office down to the hourly increment.

Medical Check In App on Apple iPad

Medical Check In

A simple Patient Kiosk designed to meet the privacy and performance needs of Physicians, Clinics, Labs and Hospitals. Name, DOB, Up to 12 Departments and 12 Reasons per Department. Multi-Stage Processing

Student Check In App on Apple iPad

Student Check In

Designed for College Registration, Counseling offices and Front Desk operations. Sort the students by needs and notify the right staff member. Name, Student ID, 16 departments & 16 reasons per dept.

Customer Check In App on Apple iPad

Customer Check In

Simple and Fast! Get the name and reason for visit. Great for Retail and Banking service businesses. 16 Programmable Departments and 16 Reasons for visit

DSS Check In App on Apple iPad

DSS Check In

Social Services can save space by having a common lobby and sign in system. With 12 departments and 12 reasons per department, customers will be automatically sorted and staff will notified. Meets the need of IRS Audits by collecting tyoe of ID.

VA Check In App on Apple iPad

VA Check In

Serve those who served us! Get the name, the department and the reason for visit so they can be served faster. Each dept is notified at the desktops so they can share the responsibility of answering quickly to the needs of our Veterans.

Probation Check In App on Apple iPad

Probation Check In

Reducing the reception workload and overall cost of operation at Community Corrections Offices. Get person's name and officer needed. Notify them as their desktop that someone is waiting. Document the visit and who saw them. Keep running log of all the visits.

iPad counter top Stand

Apple iPads make Great Kiosks

Secure, Stable & Affordable

The Apple iPad is a very stable and low maintenence touch screen that everyone is familiar with. Customers are familiar with the touch and feel of an iPad as it relates best to their existing cell phones and tablets. This means they have no reservation about using it.

Secure the iPad in a metal stand and it can be mounted on the wall, set on the counter top or used as a pole mounted stand alone kiosk.

Cost of an Apple iPad Air 2 and the secure counter top stand is as low as $549.

Apple iPad on Wifi

If you have Wifi, you're in! Using an iPad is the most cost effective and simple way to add a touch screen Check In System to your office. It's so simple. Connect to the Wifi, download our app from the App Store, set your choice buttons and you are ready to go.

Your choice of Secure Metal Stand

  • Counter Top
  • Wall Mount
  • Standing Pole Mount

Apple iPad on Wired Ethernet

We did it! We have a wired solution for the Apple iPad & iPad Pro series tablets. This breakthrough makes it easy to connect the Apple iPad to a secure wired network. A two piece adapter set allows the iPad to connect using cat5 cable and charge at the same time.

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Secure iPad Enclosure

Apple iPads are light and portable but with our specially designed stand your iPad is secure and stable.

  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Locks iPad within
  • Hides the Home Button
  • Hides power cables
  • VESA Mountable
  • $149.00

Check In Software for $50 per Month

Secure Cloud Queuing Systems

  • Annual or Monthly Billing
  • Setup in Minutes
  • No Contract needed
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Secure Connections

  • 24 X 7 Support
  • 24 X 7 System
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data
  • Easy Setup

Check In Software for $399 per year

Patient Kiosk focuses on business efficiency

Our Patient Kiosk improves workflow and privacy

Healthcare facilities across the United States are implementing electronic medical records (EMR). Our Medical Check In system is a small but effective part of that movement. Every patient must start by signing in and Medical Check In is the perfect replacement for the traditional paper sign in sheet.

Check In Systems has made the sign in sheet fast and effective using a simple patient kiosk. Arriving patients enter their name and choose a reason for their visit in just 10 seconds. For the office, the patient names are legible, arrival times are accurate and patients are organized. Using checklist style displays, the patient information is quickly accessed on any office workstation.

Organizating patients into checklists will improve office efficiency. Automatic sorting allows departments to prepare for the patient and respond quicker therefore improving office workflow. Learn More

Student Check In

Admission & Counseling Offices

A paper sign-in sheet just isn’t enough to handle the volume of students on registration day and it’s hard to justify a person dedicated to greeting people upon arrival. Our Check In System will alleviate the line with a self check in kiosk. The student information is pushed to each desktop allowing employees to respond directly. Your staff now has the organized student queue on their desktop, allowing them to respond faster and reduce the wait time.

Divide and Conquer! The student check in system can automatically sort students by department and reason for visit. This allows your departments respond individually without a receptionist having to call each counselor.

More Information

Student Kiosk for financial aide offices

Customer Queuing systems relieve long customer lines


Customer Queuing for Office & Retail

Customer Queuing should be easy and fast. CQueue is our simple check in system that automatically organizes customers into a live queuing system. A simple 10 second sign in, using an Apple iPad touch screen, gathers the name, time and reason for visit. Each customer is put into the live queue displayed on all your desktop computers. Staff can filter by time, name or reason to watch specifics and help departments directly handle their customers without a receptionist.

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DSS Check In

Designed for Family & Social Service offices

With budgets always getting tighter, DSS Check In helps meet those budgets by streamlining the reception process. Using a low-cost, iPad or PC kiosk, mulitple departments can share a queuing system. Visitors enter their name, choose a department and choose a reason for their visit. The live displays are shown on office workstations and is sorted by department, time and reason.

Management will love the detailed statistical analysis of volume, wait times, and trends. Reports can help taylor the staff requirements down to the hour.

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Queuing System for Dept of Social Services

Enterprise Queuing System

Enterprise Queuing System

Our Enterprise version is designed for customers with higher volume, multiple locations and strict requirements of in-house data storage. Using a Linux server, Check In Systems supports, updates and licenses the server via remote access using SSH. Your IT staff will be the end user support for the system with 24x7 support from Check In Systems.

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