Apple iPad Kiosk

Visitor Check In | Sign In Sheet App

Visitor Log & Information Gathering

It’s time to replace the sign in sheet with an easy to use, electronic visitor log. Using the Apple iPad, Visitor Check In gives your business a simple sign in system for customers or visitors. The app has simple screens to sign in, gather information and log visitors. Each entry is time stamped for accuracy. The entries are viewed on a simple dashboard and can be acknowledged with one click. Options allow the system to collect an email, phone number, zip code or even ask questions.

Visitors Sign In

Each visitor will sign in using an Apple iPad in a stand. They enter their name and information quickly and easily. Clear names and accurate time stamps will better organize your office.

Collect Information

Ask visitors for their email or phone number. Maybe get a company name or phone number. The information can help your staff with sales and statistics about your customers.

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Zip Code
  • Ask Text Questions
  • Ask Reason for Visit

Track Visitors

The information you collect will help retain the relationship between business and customer. Over time, sales staff will compile valuable reports about needs and trends of customers.

Display Log with Visitor Information

log of entries in visitor check in