Student Check In | Queuing System

Student Check In

Queuing for Registration and Counseling

Every season brings a rush of students needing a variety of services. Organizing them will help serve them faster and improve your overall office efficiency. Student Check In is designed to document, sort and notify department staff directly and reduce the reception overhead of any campus office. As the students sign in they choose from a list of departments and services giving your staff an organized check list to work from. Accurate time stamps and consistent reasons for visit lead to better reporting of traffic, wait times and staff needs. With a paper sign in sheet you just don’t get the reports and statistics.

Organize your customers


Student Check In automatically sorts and organizes students into a dashboard style display that can be seen on all of office desktops. The display becomes a checklist for serving the hundreds of students per day.

Accuracy is better with a queuing system


When students sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With a queuing system you get legible names and accurate time stamps every time.

Patient waiting in room

Reduced Wait Times

With instant on-screen notifications and the ability to share the sign in sheet across multiple locations in the office, the response time is shortened. Seconds count when multiplied by amount of students coming through

Student Check In Kiosk Screens

Student Check In Screen 1

Student Name

Ask for the Student Name. Having a typed name saves the time instead of reading scratchy writing or scribble.

Student Check In Screen 2

Reason for Visit

This screen helps sort students by the reason for their visit. These are programmable for your office needs

Thank You screen


Student confidence is important. At the end, they are given a thank you message confirming they are in the queue.