Probation Check In Kiosk

Probation Check In

Queuing, Documentation & Notification System

With today’s budgets, having a receptionist in a probation office only to greet incoming people is not an option. To alleviate some of the mundane duties of the receptionist, Probation Check In provides an electronic sign in system that accurately time stamps visitors and notifies the officers of a visitor. Each person signs in with their name and picks the reason for visit. That reason is usually a specific officer or they are new from court. Either way, the right person is notified and the visit is accurately recorded.

Accuracy counts with a queuing system


When visitors sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With Probation Check In you get legible names and accurate time stamps every time.

Person in Waiting Room

Reduced Wait Times

A queuing system can reduce wait times by automatically sorting visitors and directly notifying the officer or person needed.

Queuing system reports

Documents & Reports

Probation Check In can make an accurate report on a visitor in just a few clicks. This documentation has been used in court many times to show visitation or lack thereof. Stop sorting through paper sign in sheets.

probation check in screen 1

Persons Name

Ask for the Person’s Full Name. Having a typed name saves the time of reading scratchy writing or scribble that is often associated with a paper sign in sheet.

probation check in screen 2

Reason for Visit

The reason for visit is usually an Officer’s name or they are new from court. Having the reason will allow the system to automatically sort the visitors and notify the right staff member.

Probation Check In Screen 3


Acknowledging the person lets them know they have notified someone and they will be helped soon.

Simple, Organized Live Display of Visitors

This live display allows your office to acknowledge and check out each visitor.

pic of Probation Check In Standard Display