PC CHeck In Stand alone queuing system

PC Check In

Stand Alone Queuing System

Using today’s latest PC touch screens, your business can have a fast and simple sign in system. Customer’s simply type their name and choose a reason for their visit. Each customer’s name appears on an organized list at any computer in your office. It also shows the time and reason for their visit. Staff members can acknowledge the customer, documenting who helped them and at what time.

PC Check In is a self contained server, touch screen and web server. Although no internet is needed, your office computers connect using Internet Explorer or Chrome to monitor, acknowledge and check out customers. Because your computers only use a browser to connect, there is nothing to install to the workstations.

picture of sign in sheet


Organizing customers has never been easier. Customers can sign in on the touch screen and give a reason for their visit. The system automatically sorts customers and shows them on live displays

picture of pc check in server

Self Hosted

This stand alone system is an all-in-one PC that serves as the touch screen kiosk and the internal web server. Workstations connect to it using Chrome or Internet Explorer. No internet needed.

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Everyone is thinking about privacy today. PC Check In provides HIPAA grade privacy to both customer and business.

Employees use Live Displays to sort Customers

pic of Standard Live Display
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