MultiQueue ticket based Queuing system

Queuing systems make it easy to automatically organize your customers by the reason for their visit and give them an estimated wait time. One touch on the MultiQueue system provides a numbered ticket for the appropriate queue. MultiQueue makes the complete queuing system affordable to even the smallest business while providing the features and performance of the largest systems.

  • Low Cost Hardware
  • Android Based All-in-One unit
  • Six Queues
  • Unlimited numbering
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Support
MultiQueue ticket printer

Organize Customers clipboard


Sorting customers can improve your organization and customer response time

Low Cost Solution

MultiQueue is the lowest cost electronic solution for queuing customers. One all-in-one Android based printer unit handles hundreds of customers per day.Staff uses existing computers to serve and track customers

Reduces customer stress

Reduces Stress

Having a sign in system gives customers confidence they will keep their place in line. They can now walk about and shop, reducing stress and adding to sales opportunities

pic of CITAQ-V8 Android

Introductory Offer

Get the complete system for $549 including the Android based CITAQ V8 and our online software subscription for one year. Unlimited users, Unlimited tickets and Unlimited Support. Renewal of online software is only $399 per year.