Patient Queuing System using Apple iPad

Medical Check In

The Fastest Patient Queuing System

HIPAA was the original driving force behind touch screen sign in sheets but today they have become a much more vital part of office efficiency. By replacing the sign in sheet, Medical Check In improves privacy and adds organization from the moment a patient walks in. The sign in sheet has been replaced by a patient queuing system.

The benefits of an electronic sign in sheet add up to savings and increased profitability. Start by improving the legibility and accuracy of each patient entry. Then, see how the system can sort patients by department and needs to allow office staff to respond quicker. In the end, management will have valuable documentation and reports to better analyze office performance and staffing needs.

Check In Systems provide privacy

HIPAA Compliant

Privacy for both business and customer are crucial to patient confidence. A sign in sheet exposes patient names where a patient kiosk collects information without allowing the public to see any information.

Accuracy counts with a queuing system


When patients sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With a patient queuing system you get legible names and accurate time stamps every time.

Patient waiting in room

Reduced Wait Times

With instant on-screen notifications and the ability to share the sign in sheet across multiple locations in the office, the response time is shortened. Seconds count when multiplied by amount of patients coming through

Patient Kiosk Screens

Patient Name Screen

Patient Name

Ask for the Patient Name. Having a typed name saves the time of reading scratchy writing or scribble.

Reason for Visit

Reason for Visit

This screen helps sort patients by the reason for their visit. These are programmable for your office needs

Patient Thank You screen


Patient confidence is crucial. At the end, they are given a thank you message confirming they are in the queue.

Simple Organized Display for your staff

This live display allows your office to acknowledge and check out each patient. This organization will improve patient flow and provide statistics to report the efficiency of the office.

Medical Check In Standard Display

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