DSS Check In

Designed for Social Services & Related Offices

The days of the paper sign in sheet are gone! Using a simple touch screen app, Social Service offices now has a way of automatically sorting the customers, accurately time stamping each entry and serving the needs of the people faster. DSS Check In displays live queues on each workstation giving employees the power to acknowledge and call each person directly.

The whole process is now automated using a cleaner electronic sign in system. Customers can sign in on their own, reducing the workload of the receptionist. Once they sign in, the individual department is notified directly on their computers. The automatic sorting and direct notification drastically reduces the response time to the customer.

DSS Check In first screen

Queuing Systems Organize Customers


DSS Check In automatically sorts and organizes customers into a check list shown on all network computers. Organize customers with up to 12 departments and 12 reasons per department. The customer list becomes a checklist for staff.

Check In Systems provide privacy


Today, privacy is crucial to everyones confidence. Having a paper sign in sheet says you don’t care about privacy. Privacy for both business and customer is ensured with an electronic sign in sheet.

Queuing system reports


Having your probation check in information in a database allows you to generate valuable reports. Recall visitor logs for accurate documentation. Track volume, wait times and performance.

Simple Customer Sign In Screens

DSS Check In first screen

Get Clear Names

DSS Check In sorts customers by department

Sort by Department

DSS Check In sorts by reason for visit

Get Reason for Visit

Live Displays for Staff Computers

Queuing system live displays of customers

Check In Systems simple pricing