Customer Check In Kiosk

Customer Check In

Banks, Retail Services & Municipal Departments

From Banks and Credit Unions to retail stores, fast customer service is the key to customer satisfaction. Having a touch screen sign in system can document, sort and directly notify staff when customers arrive. This leads to faster response and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

With Customer Check In, customers can sign in and shop, knowing they are in the queue for service. The confidence of knowing they are in the queue reduces stress and allows the customer to learn more about your products and services while they wait.

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Faster Service

A queuing system can sort customers and directly notify departments of arrivals. Queuing leads to better response times. Faster Customer Service leads to customer satisfaction and more profit

Accuracy counts with a queuing system


When customers sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With a customer queuing system you get legible names and accurate time stamps every time.

Relaxing Customer

Reduced Stress

Having a sign in system gives customers confidence they will keep their place in line. They can now walk about and shop, reducing stress and adding to sales opportunities

Easy Customer Screens

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Customer Name

Get a typed Name for clarity

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Dept Needed

Programmable choices get the reason for visit

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Important to speed and confidence

Simple Organized Display for your staff

This live display allows your office to acknowledge and check out each customer. This organization will improve customer flow and provide statistics to report the efficiency of the office.

CQueue Standard display

Organize Customers clipboard

Organizing Customers

A customer queue is a sorted list of customers. The sort is done on time of arrival and reason for visit. Customers are presented in a list that allows your staff to acknowledge each customer, virtually using the list as a check list. Acknowledging the customers time stamps the step and lets other staff know the customer is being helped. When the staff member is done with the customer, the next step is Checkout. One click and the next time stamp is entered and the customer is removed from the active list. All the data is stored to create reports and statistics.

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Documentation & Reports

A big benefit of Customer Check In is the recording of time stamps and who helped each customer. Exact dates, times and names are valuable documentation that can be recalled as needed. Management will enjoy the ease of pulling reports that document volumes of customers, wait times, and staff counts. Statistics give actual numbers to base the schedule of staff and other resources.