For several years, many of the United States military bases have been using Check In Systems software to help organize clinics, id offices and other walk-in facilities. These offices provide customer service to military personnel on a daily basis. Check In Systems recently developed a dedicated software called Base Check In that is specially suited… Read More

Customers do not like waiting in line for service. Research has shown that waiting produces higher levels of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. With the exception of haunted houses and carnival rides, these are not the emotions most businesses want to evoke in their customers.   Waiting in line is often a necessary consequence of normal… Read More

For generations businesses have used a paper sign in sheet to log incoming customers, patients and visitors. Some use it for a log and others use it to keep people sorted by the order the arrived. Well now, there’s an app for that.  Today, technology has proven there is a better solution for the same… Read More

The largest American generation in history has begun to age.  Now at 21-37 years old, millennials require an ever-increasing number of medical service visits.  Instant gratification, less wait time and more technology is just the beginning. Is your medical practice prepared to meet the very different expectations of these 80 million millennials?  What are those… Read More

Hospital facilities around the world are using technology to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency. The latest improvement is the patient check in process where the sign in sheet has moved to an Apple iPad based kiosk. Patients now sign in using a touch screen kiosk which has proven faster, provides better clarity of… Read More

Updating old Pull Ticket Systems We’ve all used the pull ticket system at a deli or service desk. It’s easy, fast and just works but now the little paper ticket systems have gone hi-tech. The ticket is now being dispensed by an Android tablet with a built-in printer. Using a touch screen tablet, the system… Read More

The world of technology increases at an exponential rate. According to Moore’s Law, computer processing power doubles every 18 months. Today, we also use more efficient energy sources such as solar power and batteries that last much longer. Computer technology has made it easier for companies to evaluate efficiency and to organize their workforce. Patient… Read More

We all see online ads and top 10 lists for visitor management software but what exactly is visitor management software? Visitor Management software is a relatively new software to the business world. It is one of the latest systems to improve customer service and gather information about customers or visitors to a business. Generally, the… Read More

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) is an international association composed of members from the United States, Canada and other countries actively involved with pretrial, probation, parole and community-based corrections, in both criminal and juvenile justice arenas. All levels of government including federal, state/provincial, local and tribal agencies are counted among its constituents. By… Read More

  The CITAQ V8 unit is used in our MultiQueue ticket based customer queuing system Configuration Item Infomation CPU RK3188 quad core Frequency 1.8GHZ Memory 1 GB Flash 4 GB iNano Storage Max 32G OS Android 4.4 Display 8″ (1024*768) Touch screen Capacitive multi-touch Speaker Stereo 2W Indicator light Programmable orange and blue WiFi wifi… Read More