CSOSA to use CQueue Enterprise

Mar 2017 - CSOSA, the federal Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, has contracted to install the latest CQueue Enterprise product from Check In Systems. Starting with the 12 local offices in Washington DC, the touch screen sign in systems will bring security, efficiency, documentation and management department.

Check In Systems sponsors VCCJA

Nov 2,2016 - Check In Systems has a long standing support for the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association. This year our sponsorship extends to the training conference being held in Richmond in the first week of November 2016. These are civil servants that dedicate many years to helping society direct troubled individuals back to acceptable life practices. We salute their dedication and service to our communities.

Check In Systems sponsors MASSD

Sept 28,2016 - The Maryland Association of Social Services Directors (MASSD) will be holding its Annual Conference from September 28th through 30th , 2016 at the Princess Royale Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Check In Systems will the top sponsor, Issac Newton sponsor of the conference, supporting those civil servants that dedicate many years to the needs of the less fortunate.

Security issues eliminate Internet Explorer 8 as secure kiosk

Sept 1,2016 - As security protocols move forward to beat the everlasting hacker threat, the use of outdated browsers and programs must end. Internet Explorer 9 and below must be replaced with either Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome to meet the latest TLS 1.1/1.2 standards. SSL is no longer secure enough and has been deemed non-compliant. In a recent audit by the federal governement our systems were updated to meet strict security and privacy guidelines including the exclusive use of TLS 1.1/1.2.

If you kiosk is a PC and uses Windows XP or Windows Embedded/POS Ready 2009, you will need to use Chrome for the kiosk shell or follow one of our upgrade options. The easiest is to use Chrome with a similar shortcut to the previous IE link. The PC equipment caould also be upgraded to Windows 7 or higher which allows Internet Explorer 11. The other choice is to replace the PC unit with a lower cost Apple iPad and stand. Any of these choices will work but it is imperative the change is made.

If you need assitance, please give us a call or email

APPA 41st Annual Training Institute in Cleveland

August 28,2016 - Check In Systems will be presenting at the APPA 41st Annual Training Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. August 28-31, 2016! As a long standing supporter of the community corrections industry, Check In Systems will highlight the Probation Check In product that improves office efficiency and documentation. APPA provides resources to the many people of Probation and Parole at state, county and municipal levels.

New iPad Stand Available

May 15,2016 - The new Apple iPad Kiosk Stands are here and ready for immediate order. As promised, the new stands have features unavailable on other manufacturers models. The new Apple iPad stands are built to secure the Air and Air 2 models using a powder coated steel tray style bracket. The large bezel protects the power cord from accidental breakage and covers the home button to keep users from attempting to run other apps. The stand also allows for VESA 75/100 mounting options that can be used for counter top, wall mount or even pole mounted kiosks. These stands are also some of the most affordable stands on the market. Learn More

Medical Check In Commercial Airs on Brighthouse Networks

April 17,2016 - Starting today, Check In Systems will air 30 second commercials in localized markets on Brighthouse networks. "We looked at the coverage of the local markets and believe our product could use the exposure within the community." The ad slot shows on major news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, Bay News 9 and sports network ESPN. Ads are planned for major markets of Florida, Texas and California

New Stand Alone Check In Product Released

PC Check In | Stand Alone Check In Software

April 2016 - For the last few years, Check In Systems has kept quiet about the stand alone version of Check In software. Ever since the release of a hosted version in 2012, the stand alone check in system faded from development and sales. The software was a lone wolf with no identity and very little marketing. Still, many customers opt for the PC stand alone software due to internal company restrictions and IT demands. According to Check In Systems management, "It was time to brand it and give it an identity".

This month, Check In Systems Inc. has released a new version of the Windows based product. It caters to the specific small business market wanting an autonomous system to greet patients or customers. Requiring only a stand alone, windows based PC, this version revives the original concept from 2005 when the company focused only on the medical markets. It is a unique software using a compiled web server to internally host a simple Microsoft Access database and a touch screen based sign in.

As with any software, this version has it's advantages and disadvantages when compared to the hosted template packages. The advantage that most customers like is the fact that it is an internal software with no internet needed. Of course this also means the software needs to be setup on your own PC or server. It also leads to the fact that you are the primary IT support for the system. Backup is easy with a simple one file database. To back up the data one would simply copy the file to another drive or USB chip. The system is limited by the operating system it is installed to. If you use Windows 7, you most likely will be limited to about 10 simultaneous connections but the cost is low because you can use an all-in-one computer for both the server and the touch screen. Installing to a Microsoft Server would allow many more connections but would then require a separate touch screen.

More information can be found at the new website, dedicated to the product. PC Check In website

Apple iPad Successfully Connected to Wired Ethernet

March 2016 - It's finally here! Check In Systems can now connect the Apple iPad Air and Pro series hardware to a cabled ethernet.

For years, the only weakness of the Apple iPad in the kiosk market was it's inability to connect to a wired ethernet cable. Wifi was the only way to connect and with so many variables in wireless connectivity it just wasn't secure enough or reliable enough for many. To make things worse, Apple has been struggling with IOS 9 to keep the balance between battery life and a solid wifi connection.

This long awaited improvement uses two simple adapters from Apple to both charge the iPad and connect it to a standard category 5 cable. After connecting you can simple disable the wifi for complete security.

Check In Systems to Develop Better iPad Stands

February 2016 - For many years Check In Systems has relied on the retail internet market to make kiosk stands that would secure anything from PCs to Android tablets to Apple iPads. Unfortunately, the market has not always had the right product to meet the needs of a kiosk without spending hundreds of dollars. Some of the most fundamental needs were being left out.

Since Check In Systems software products are designed to meet the low cost market, the stands need to be low cost also. The concept is to get into the complete product for under $1000. Apple iPads are $399. Check In Software is $399. This leaves less than $200 for the stand and shipping for a product that fits a professional office look.

After testing several other brands and getting feedback from customers, Check In Systems has contracted with a fabricator to make a 2 piece, metal, powder coated design. The stand is made to be counter top, wall mounted or with the addition of a pole, a stand alone kiosk. It secures the Apple iPad into a metal bracket allowing for the camera and other controls to be reached but not by accident. The home button is covered and only accessible with a paper clip. The stand allows the power cord to be hidden and protected from breakage which means it can stay plugged in 24x7. Mounting holes include a VESA 75/100 configuration.

The new stand is due to be available May of 2016 and is projected to be less than $150.